Géométrie Algébrique en Liberté, also known as GAeL, is an annual workshop organized by and for young algebraic geometers. The aim of this workshop is to gather young mathematicians in this field of research and give them an opportunity to discuss freely without concerns that their questions or viewpoints might be silly: hence the name of the workshop.

The 2017 edition, GAeL XXV, took place at the University of Bath, in Bath (UK), from Monday 26th until Friday 30th June. It featured three minicourses by Arend Bayer, Angela Gibney and by Alessandra Sarti. There were also contributed talks by participants and a poster session.

Next edition, GAeL XXVI will be held in Strasbourg (France), from Monday 18th until Friday 22nd of June. See you all there next year! Group picture


GAeL XXV was made possible by the generous support of: